“Sitting on” the embargoed USAID-funded IRI exit poll indicating opposition win in Kenya 2007 election, I wished someone would subpoena me

  A Kenyan blogger wrote in early 2008 that  I "should be" subpoenaed after I was reported in Slate magazine as "sitting on" the embargoed USAID-funded IRI exit poll. I would have welcomed it. Sadly no subpoena came.  No one approached…

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Happy National Day and Thanks for the Troops (Burundi)

https://www.flickr.com/photos/au_unistphotostream/27921380461/in/photolist-JB7URQ-aNdcyH-JxjnDp-Jxjo16-JB7UEs-JerbTj-aNdZy6-aNdYZp-aNdXfe-aNd6FX-aNd9Dk-aNdaJg-aNdc76-aNdara-aNd8bK-aNdb5i-aNd97Z-aNd7Fk-aNdVte-aNdYoZ-aNd71B-aNdTpK-aNdW7B-aNdUgP-aNdX38 AMISOM flickr photo- Burundian troops rotate home The State Department issued this statement today, as Burundi's long crisis drags: On behalf of the Government of the United States of America, congratulations to the people of Burundi on the 55th…

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Expect US Africa policy to be led from Pentagon rather than State Department or White House, in near term if not for the next four years [updated]

(https://flic.kr/p/6fgHxc) The President himself has never been to Africa and has shown no particular interest or inclination toward engagement on any of the various issues on his plate regarding the United States' activities in and relationships with African countries. In…

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