WAR FOR HISTORY Series – was Kenya’s 2007 election stolen?

Kenya challenged vote Kenya election 2007 ECK Presiding Officer holding ballot with disputed marking

Kenya election ballot


. . . it grapples with the struggle to bury and obscure, both immediately at the time and over the years since, a clear view of the election fraud and the resulting murder and mayhem in Kenya in 2007 and 2008.

For a summary of the story told in these posts, see my piece from June 2017 in The Elephant: The Debacle of 2007–How Kenyan politics was frozen and an election stolen with U.S. connivance.

♠The War for History: was Kenya’s 2007 election stolen or only “perceived to be” stolen?

♠Part Two of “The War for History”: my e-mails to Joel Barkan of January 2, 2008

♠Part Three of “The War for “History”: continuing my e-mail reports to Joel Barkan

♠Part Four of “The War for History”: “yes, the exit poll discriminated against dead voters”

♠Part Five of “The War for History”: “sitting on” the exit poll in January and February 2008

♠(Part Six): Why “The War for History” matters now–authoritarian momentum in East Africa

♠”The War for History” part seven: what, specifically, happened with Kenyans’ votes?

♠”The War for History” part eight: “the way not forward; lessons not learned” from Kenya’s failed 2007 election assistance

♠”The War for History” part nine: from FOIA, a readout of new Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka’s February 2008 meeting with John Negroponte

♠”The War for History” part ten: what was going on in the State Department on Kenya’s failed election; recognizing change at IRI and how the 2007 exit poll controversy turned into a boon for IRI in Kenya

♠”The War for History” part eleven: what did I mean in “part ten” in referring to Ranneberger “trying to quash” poll results showing Odinga taking the lead in the presidential race in September 2007?

♠”The War for History” part twelve: why did Ranneberger and Lambsdorf react so differently to the election fraud they witnessed together?

♠Kenya 2007 Election–How bad were we?–“The War For History” part thirteen

♠The War for History part fourteen: dare we learn from 2007-08 in Kenya or is it too soon to reckon with the whole story?

♠The War for History part fifteen: why the conventional wisdom that Kenya was “on the brink of civil war” in 2008 is wrong

♣The missing USAID news: “Kenya’s President Lost Disputed Election, Poll Shows”–the War for History part 16

♣The rest if the inside story of how the how IRI’s 2007 Election Observation and Exit Poll was subverted–the War for History part 17

I was amazed by what Ambassador Ranneberger admitted and what he denied to the New York Times (War for History series part 18)

The simple truth of the allegedly “contested” Kenya 2007 exit poll–what IRI reported to USAID (FOIA series part 14, War for History series part 19)

News from “The War for History” as Citizen TV owner admits to Parliament that suppressed reporting of voting results in 2007 showed Odinga win over Kibaki