Carter Center releases Final Report on Kenya’s Elections

Download: Carter Center: Kenya Final Report General and Presidential Elections 2017[pdf]

Read the whole thing — that is what we American taxpayers have paid for. In summary: “Regrettably, the elections represent a major setback in Kenya’s democratic development.”

Kenya 2013 election IRI Electoral Commission voter education poster

(h/t Daniel Finan of RFI English)

Update: (As of this morning, 8 March) I was not able to find the Final Report or related material on the Carter Center website.)

Most recently the Center had summarized: “The Carter Center said that the fresh presidential election was not fully competitive and marked by insecurity and political uncertainty. It called for national dialogue and reconciliation process to heal political and tribal rifts that were made worse by the 2017 elections.”

2 thoughts on “Carter Center releases Final Report on Kenya’s Elections

  1. The EUEOM Final Report recommended that the next time there is need to recruit a new IEBC Chairman and Commissioners the Selection Panel actually conduct a fair, transparent and merit based recruitment exercise; the Recruitment Exercise from 16/11/2016 was opaque, unfair and characterized by the exclusion of many qualified applicants –including myself–from shortlisting for consideration for either Chairman and/or Commissioners. The Carter Center in accordance with the apparent views of the US Ambassador and US Government at large ignored the incompetent and blatantly discriminatory nature of the flawed exercise that produced an inept and apparently morally compromised senior management team hurriedly appointed as of 20 January 2017.

    Members of the US Embassy as well as staffers from Carter Center and other stakeholder agencies were well aware of significant administrative and logistical problems that made impossible the holding of credible elections on 8 August 2017; their collective decisions to overlook and/or cover up known deficiencies is beyond comprehension and needs to be investigated if only to determine how $85 million in US taxpayers funds were spent on botched elections in Kenya.

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