Sunday morning impressions on Kenyatta-Odinga statements, dialogue

I do not normally write on this blog on Sunday morning but over the years I have at times had something to say later in the day after getting a particular inspiration at church.

But this morning, let me say that within the joint statement of Kenyatta and Odinga, and their individual statements, there are some things of value in the open admission that Kenya’s leadership has been off track and led the country to a state of affairs that contradicts the usual propaganda in Kenya and abroad. Perhaps Kenyans can take this as a turn toward humility from their political leadership and hold them to it.

The statements make clear that the agreements and process of the 2008 “peace deal” remain in substantial part unfulfilled. “Accept and move on” has not delivered.

Kenyatta and Odinga have said some part of what the opposition and dissenters have been trying to be allowed to say in these past years. So clearly a new approach and broader leadership will be required in a “dialogue” now.

For my Kenyan friends who have been giving of themselves at great sacrifice to stand for the need for Kenya to be better governed, who were left in the dark in the secret discussions leading to these statements, I am grateful to see that your warnings have in this way been validated by Kenya’s top politicians.

What do you think?

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