Election Observers and the “Emperor With No Clothes” Phenomenon

Surely there is embarrassment over the allegation made by observers that hundreds of thousands of Kenyan voters confused the green ballots for National Assembly and blue ballots for Senator, and made similar improbable errors, due to “lack of civic education”.

This was offered as an explanation for huge numbers of “invalid ballots,” which turned out to be the bogus data from the IEBC from their electronic reporting system before it was taken down.

In other words, when the Kenyan IEBC reported something that did not make sense–and clearly was contradictory to what actual observers SAW in the field with their own eyes since it did not really happen–some self described International Election Observers, rather than point out that they did not see what the IEBC was reporting, instead, sought to concoct specific explanations for why the voters instead of the electoral commission (or hackers or whomever caused the data fault) was responsible.