Happy National Day and Thanks for the Troops (Burundi)

https://www.flickr.com/photos/au_unistphotostream/27921380461/in/photolist-JB7URQ-aNdcyH-JxjnDp-Jxjo16-JB7UEs-JerbTj-aNdZy6-aNdYZp-aNdXfe-aNd6FX-aNd9Dk-aNdaJg-aNdc76-aNdara-aNd8bK-aNdb5i-aNd97Z-aNd7Fk-aNdVte-aNdYoZ-aNd71B-aNdTpK-aNdW7B-aNdUgP-aNdX38 AMISOM flickr photo- Burundian troops rotate home The State Department issued this statement today, as Burundi's long crisis drags: On behalf of the Government of the United States of America, congratulations to the people of Burundi on the 55th…

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