Raila Bumps Ruto to Higher Education, Science and Technology; Kibaki gets to add Transportation Ministry to Kimunya

“Ruto moved as Raila cracks whip in ODM” headlines the Daily Nation

You might think that Higher Education, Science and Technology would be pretty important for Kenya’s future–and you would be right. But, the Nation is good enough to explain that Agriculture is the plum post because it controls 30 parastatals, whereas Higher Ed, Science and Technology only controls three.

OK, so now we investigate the Maize Scandal, anyone, please . . .

Of course, Hon. Kimunya now gets to bring his standards to Transportation, since no accountability has yet to attach to the Grand Regency Hotel sale scandal. Kibaki cronies have key interests in common carriers in Nairobi.

In a related story, “Raila shaping his political forces for 2012 election”, the Nation asserts:

The power struggle started with Cabinet and other government appointments, was amplified by the fierce opposition to the PM’s drive to clear the Mau forest of illegal encroachment and has seemingly come to a head with the two taking divergent positions on the new constitution.

But for Mr Odinga, taking Mr Ruto down a peg because of the issues they have differed on might be secondary to the longer-term goal of shaping his political forces ahead of 2012 elections.

He is sending out the signal that he is fully in charge of ODM and is ready to jettison any groupings that become a hindrance to his quest for 2012.

Mr Ruto may be but an individual, but he represents a key constituency that claims to have played a large role in propelling Mr Odinga to such a potent threat at the 2007 polls and finally to a share of power.

The calculation therefore might be in whether a disgruntled Kalenjin community might be provoked to finally part ways with Mr Odinga.

Shifting Dr Kosgei, a moderate on the issues that inflame the Ruto camp, to the Agriculture docket is a clear way of signalling that he is not abandoning the community.

An MP from the region, Mr Kiprono Magerer, was also promoted to assistant minister for Energy replacing a key Ruto ally Charles Keter who was dropped altogether, while other stalwarts on Mr Odinga’s side such as Industry minister Henry Kosgey remain firmly in place.

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