McCarter heads for confirmation as Trump’s next Ambassador in Nairobi

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has voted to favorably report the nomination of Illinois State Senator Kyle McCarter as Ambassador to Kenya to replace outgoing Ambassador Robert Godec.

This should assure McCarter’s confirmation by the full Senate.

3 thoughts on “McCarter heads for confirmation as Trump’s next Ambassador in Nairobi

    • No one asked for my opinion this time, unsurprisingly! I wish him the best in representing our country; this is a big, challenging job quite different from the various previous roles he has played, but I don’t want to make pessimistic assumptions before he has a chance to get started.

  1. Thanks to President Donald Trump ,in East Africa we need someone with practical skills,an outgoing and someone whom can stand with common Mwanainchi from government excesses,we hope he will be able to harness and come up with skills needed to halt African leaders from salivating on Chinese Loansi,we hope he will be instrumental in advancing AGOA Pact for a win win situations ,we hope the direct Kenya NewYork flight will be used more for trade rather than for deportation of illegal immigrants.

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