More on American Dreams about Kenya

On the day that Kenyans were going to the polls in great numbers to line up and vote on a new constitution, CNN ran a story about the large number of Americans that doubt that President Obama was born in the United States. So far as I know, the only theory about any place else that he was born is Kenya.

But where is there any evidence at all, whatsoever, that supports the notion that he was born in Kenya?

To my way of thinking, this becomes at some point a significant pathology within our democratic system. Where does this leave American elected officials and candidates in dealing the the real Kenya and real Kenyans? Once again in 2012 we are going to have simultaneous campaigns for president going on the U.S. and Kenya, this time with President Obama as the incumbent, presumably facing a GOP challenger. The votes of people who think that Obama was probably born in Kenya rather than the United States will be crucial–having been even more important in deciding the Republican nomination (unless these numbers change dramatically–but that won’t happen on its own).

And what about the Americans who think (or at least say) that Raila Odinga is a secret socialist or Marxist/communist Islamist (however that works) like Obama and in league with him against the rest of us?

Well, at least our Kenyan friends can be assured that we will be around to teach them all about how democracy should work!

What do you think?

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