The Education Scandal and Donor Accountability

One crucial question to ask in light of the scandal as to the looting of funds from the Free Primary Education program is how the donors missed the issue during the course of the first Kibaki administration and well into the second?

If the British had not initiated a joint audit last year, would the US have ever been the wiser? It is especially interesting to note from this story in the Daily Nation in December that one “siphon” for theft of funds has been an initiative called Kenya Education Sector Support Programme. “Introduced in 2005, the programme gets funds pooled by donors to support Kenya Government backed education programmes. It seeks to eliminate duplication and misuse of funds.”

While I applaud the actions taken by the US government to join the British in issuing travel bans and speaking strongly on the issue now, the fact remains that the program has seen funds diverted throughout its history, while never having enough money to be implemented to a level that would really provide an adequate opportunity for students in hugely overcrowded and undersupported classrooms.

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What do you think?

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