More Corruption Headlines

VOA features a story datelined Washington entitled “Kenyan Activist Demands War on the Corrupt“.

The Standard says “KACC goes for big shots in war on vice“.

No specific news on some of the current/recent matters we have followed in the first two months of this blog: missing Public Education funds; Grand Regency sale; Rift Valley Railroad deal; ECK, etc.  A lot less news lately about Mau Forest land, too. But the President has, according to the VOA story, ordered a fresh look at corruption and called a meeting, at which the PM will also speak.  It would appear that the revived US and British attention to the Public Education matter has generated a need for some new optics from the Government of Kenya.  In the past this would suggest that the time is approaching for the donors to move on and get over it–perhaps we will be wiser this time.

What do you think?

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