Corruption and Terrorism/Security

Timely and interesting post here from the FCPA Blog, noting an article in the December issue of Foreign Affairs which discusses investigative reporting showing the ease of obtaining a new US biometric passport using a false identity, and tying this to the Anglo Leasing scandal in Kenya where “most of the tainted contracts related to Kenya’s security apparatus — passport controls, forensic labs, security vehicles and satellite services, among others”.

We have seen lots of examples where Kenya’s lauded security co-operation with the United States and other countries in the region is undermined by corruption.

The fact remains that the United States, from 9/11 to the would-be Nigerian bomber in Detroit on Christmas Day, makes itself vulnerable by allowing people subject to know terrorism concerns to enter the country legally. Presumably our first priority in fighting terrorism would be to do more to get our own house in order. Beyond that, we should be leery of investing in and relying on “partners” that prove themselves unreliable due to known propensities for corruption.

Stepping back from the Abyss, a talk by John G...

Stepping back from the Abyss, a talk by John Githongo. At a function organized by the Kenya Society at the Victory Services Club, London W2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Global Graft Report highlights a Deutsche Welle feature on Wikileaks which suggests that the greatest “wikileak” to date has been the publication of John Githongo’s materials on Anglo Leasing and related corruption in Kenya.

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