“Techplomacy” – Brian Obara explains Biden Administration Kenya policy

In today’s Standard, Brian Obara captures US Ambassador to Kenya Meg Whitman’s tour of American business cities with President Ruto in tow:

Meg Whitman sells Kenya to US, but at what price?

Since her posting in August 2022, US Ambassador Meg Whitman has steadily unpacked a suitcase full of superlatives to endorse Kenya as a premier global investment destination and a shining example of democratic vitality in Africa. . .

. . . .

Her business-first style sets her apart from the previous 17 US Ambassadors who, to put it mildly, were far less glowing in their description of Kenya’s democratic credentials. . . .

. . . .

Sam Gichuru, the founder and CEO of Kidato Inc., who was part of the Kenyan delegation, said the US Ambassador was in fine form.

“Meg pitched Kenya the way startups pitch to investors,” he said.  

“Listening to top global executives discuss the opportunities in Kenya, with supporting data, it is evident that as Kenyans, we are blind and deaf to the gold mine that is our home. I’m even surprised; I just realised I don’t know my own country well enough,” he added.

. . . .


Gicheru raises interesting questions: is this a common problem, that Kenyans don’t know their country well enough? Or do they know it too well? Or are they too hungry to be “hungry”?

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