U.S. press coverage of Garissa University massacre

The Big Picture: Attack in Kenya” photographs in The Boston Globe.

Kenya attack targets Christians, putting new pressure on religious leaders” Ariel Zirulnick in the Christian Science Monitor.

Kenya faces grim aftermath of school massacre” Abagail Higgins and Jessica Hatcher in the Washington Post.

Kenyan religious leaders urge unity after Shabab Muslim extremists slaughter Christian students  Carol J. Williams in Los Angeles Times.

Christians warned, then killed in Kenyan university massacre” Margot Kiser in The Daily Beast.

“University attacks marks Al Shabaab’s pivot to ISIS” Ashish Kumar Sen interview with Bronwyn Bruton in New Atlanticist.

Kenya mourns 148 dead in university attack by militants”  Christopher Torchia and Tom Odula for Associated Press.

3850455481_f0db94e43c_bKenyans agonize over student massacre” Martina Stevis in The Wall Street Journal.

4 thoughts on “U.S. press coverage of Garissa University massacre

  1. Chronicles of catastrophe? And Obama says he is still coming to see his new BFFs in Jubilee?

  2. The foreign press are having a justifiable field day; hopefully their coverage will continue without the necessity of another Al Shabaab event –which is on the way just before the new curfews are lifted! The Al Shabaab objective will be to cause hatred and discontent among the locals as curfews are extended again and again.

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