Back to Nairobi (updated)

IMG_7525Now that I am back in Nairobi for the election, I am frantically learning as much as I can “on the ground”, but would love to hear from you. Feel free to drop me an e-mail. Asante.

I have had a lot to say here about Kenyan politics over the past three and a half years, so if you are new to the blog enjoy, but I am here to help quietly and listen for the most part so don’t expect a lot of commentary in this forum prior to the vote. It is interesting to hear so many people who know more than I do have strongly held contradictory opinions and expectations. I have no expectations, just hopes and prayers. Other than that, I will say that I think that fear is unhelpful but complacency is a killer. I am not persuaded by anyone who claims much certainty regarding how things will go.

2 thoughts on “Back to Nairobi (updated)

  1. There is a unusual and not particularly encouraging undercurrent of apprehension as we approach March 4th. The reality that this process will drag on through April 11th without any sort of resolution is truly sobering; trying to do business in an environment of increasing uncertainty is no way to run a railroad!

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