Kenyan Politics

In the final days of review, Kenyan MPs remain divided as to amendments to the current draft constitution. “MPs list their wishes as debate rages”.

Remembering: Exhibit of photographs of Kenyan post-election violence shown at Eldoret (sponsored by USAID and UNDP)

The Vice Chair of the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission has stepped down from her position, after calling for the Chairman, Bethuel Kiplagat to resign. She will continue as a Commission member.

The Indian Ocean Newsletter reports that Kenya’s Blue Shield Insurance Company, owned by the Kenyatta family, is subject to a demand by the Association on Insurance Brokers of Kenya to the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) to appoint a liquidator due to its failure to pay claims. “The IRA position is clearly very delicate in this affair, since this body depends on the ministry of finance, headed by [Uhuru] Kenyatta, who is the half brother of the late Muigai Kenyatta whose widow Beth Muigai chairs the board of Blue Shield Insurance.”

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