[Updated] International Crisis Group releases key up-to-date guide to Kenyan election preparations

Update-- the Associate Press reports "Analysts: Political Party Polls in Kenya a Failure": Political party primaries to select candidates for Kenya's March national elections have been fraught with irregularities, disorganization and disgruntled losers, increasing the chances of conflict during the…

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(Updated) Kenyan diaspora disenfranchised?; Kwamchetsi Makokha raises concern about Kenyan voter education; IFES seeks consultant

Update (Nov. 28):  IEBC Chair Isaac Hassan says that as an independent commission the IEBC will make its own decision about whether to cancel diaspora voting and is not bound by the Cabinet decision announced below.  He acknowledged that registration…

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Egyptian Circus

From the Washington Post story reporting the announced intent to prosecute Americans working for IRI, NDI and Freedom House: Pro-democracy groups have worked openly in Egypt for years, although the government has long refused to grant them operating licenses. The…

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