2007-08 Kenya Election links


Washington Post–“As democracy push falters, Bush feels like a dissident”, Aug 20 07

Council for Foreign Relations: “U.S. Special Envoy Cites Widespread ‘Lack of Confidence’ in Somali Government”, Sept 19 07

EA Standard–”Envoy predicts free and fair election” (and praises Kenyan administration on corruption), Dec 18 07

Daily Nation–”Local Firm Conducted Exit Poll Expected to Give Provisional Presidential Results”, Dec 28 07

Somaliland Times–”Kenya: Preliminary Findings of IRI’s International Election Observation Mission” Dec 28 ’07

IRI–“Reuters cites IRI Opinion on Kenyan election” Dec. 28 ’07

EU Election Observation–Statement on Announcement of Presidential Results, Dec 30 ’07

VOA–”US Congratulates Kenya Presidential Vote Winner, EU Monitors Question Results” Dec 30, ’07

Global Voices–“Is Kenya turning into a police state?” Dec 31 07

Telegraph-“Kenya could be facing it’s greatest crisis” Dec 31 07

VOA–”Britain Expresses Concern About Kenyan Election Results” Dec 31 07

EU Election Observation–Preliminary Statement, Jan 1 08

NY Times–”Fighting Intensifies After Election in Kenya” Jan 1, ’08

Telegraph–EU calls for inquiry into Kenya election Jan 1 ’08

Slate–”What’s Really Going on in Kenya?” Jan 2, ’08

USAToday- “Kenyan official calls for vote probe” Jan 3, ’08

BBC- “At a glance: Kenya unrest” Jan 3, ’08

CBS/National Review Online–”Inside Kenya’s Clumsily Rigged Election” Jan 4, ’08

IFES–“Kenya at the crossroads” Jan 4, ’08

Atlas Shrugs blog “Kenya, Islam and Barrack Hussein Obama” Jan 4, ’08 [note that I consider the material linked here very misinformed, but cite it as an example of how a part of the U.S. right wing was approaching Kenya’s political crisis]

Heritage Foundation– “Kenyan Election Signals Need to Overhaul US Policy Toward Nascent Democracies” Jan 8 08

New York Sun “The Kenya Connection” Daniel Johnson (questions during primaries of Obama connection with Odinga’s “anti-Western” campaign; has Obama put family/tribal considerations above national interest?) Jan 10 08 [see comment re “Atlas Shrugged” blog post of Jan 4]

McClatchy–”Kenyan president lost election, according to U.S. exit poll” Jan 14 ’08

RealClearPolitics–”Republicans head to the polls tonight to pick a presidential nominee. .. a tight race. . . Unintended Consequence–Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki lost his bid exit polls from [IRI] show and McClatchy reports.” Jan 15 08

NPR “Nobel Laureate Explains Kenya’s Battle for Peace” Jan 17 08

CFR Interview: “Frazer Says Kenyan Crisis Has Consequences for South Sudan, Somalia” Jan 18, ’08

TNR–”The Kenyan Catastrophe” Jan 22 ’08

Jeffrey Sachs–”Recount Kenyans’ Votes” Jan 23 ’08

Washington Post (Anne Applebaum)–“The Rot in Kenyan Politics” Jan 29 ’08

N.Y. Times.N.Y. Times “U.S. Envoy calls violence in Kenya ‘ethnic cleansing'” Jan 30 ’08 ‘

Washington Post–“U.S. Envoy Decries Ethnic Cleansing in Kenya” Jan 31 ’08

McClatcy (Shashank Bengali)–How Kenya’s Election Was Rigged; Jan 31 ’08

Kenya: a nation fragmented (Africa Research Institute), Feb. 1 ’08

Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Africa Subcommittee, Hearing, “On the Immediate and Underlying Causes and Consequences of Kenya’s Flawed Elections”, Feb 7 ’08

“U.S. Official (Jendayi Frazer) on African Crises” Feb 11 ’08

New York Times — “A Deal We Can Live With” by Maina Kiai and L. Muthoni Wanyeki, Feb 12, ’08

Daily Nation, “Sitting on the Exit Poll” (“Is it a coincidence that U.S. officials reportedly called people who might have seen the results and expressly threatened them if the poll leaked, even before [election result]” ) Feb 14, ’08

The American (American Enterprise Institute): “Fiddling While Kenya Burns” Feb 15 ’08

BBC: “State ‘sanctioned’ Kenyan clashes” Mar 5 ’08

State Dept Webchat–Ranneberger on Exit Poll (“. . .not a U.S. Government poll . . . no authority to release it. . . .it is my understanding . . . training exercise never intended for publication.”) Mar 12 08

KPTJ–”Statement Regarding the ECK and the Independent Review Commission”–Mar 31, ’08

Heritage Foundation–”Kenya’s Stability Is an Important US Priority” (“Kibaki was either unwilling or unable to prevent his side from tampering with the election results”) Mar ’08

EU Election Observation–Final Report, Apr 3 ’08

CSIS–Governance in Kenya: Ethnicity and Performance in 2007 Elections, Jul 8 ’08

Kenya 2007 Exit Poll Presentation–Gibson and Long, UCSD

International Republican Institute (IRI) Election Observation Report: Kenya’s 2007 Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Elections, July ’08

USAID Frontlines: “Kenya’s President Lost Disputed Election, Poll Shows” (p. 4) Aug ’08.

KPTJ: “Election Investigation Special Edition–Unwelcome Evidence” Sept. ’08

The Nation (New York)–”Meddling in Kenya’s Elections” Dec 29 ’08

Standard–“U.S. role in ’07 election questioned” Dec. 08

Pambazuka–”Strategy for Change: Maina Kiai speaks to Kwamchetsi Makokha” Jan 29 ’09

New York Times–”A Chaotic Kenya Vote and a Secret US Exit Poll” Jan 30, ’09

Daily Nation-“Controversial Poll Generates More Heat” Jan 31, ’09

The Daily Nation– “What the cables say” (Feb ’08 US visa warning letters sent to ECK commissioners suspected of accepting bribes to fix vote tally) Mar 2 ’11