Charles Onyango-Obbo: Why did Obama not arrest a ‘bad-marred’ schoolgirl, and how can the Scot gets a divorce referendum without a war?


AS Africans, we have every right to hold a grudge (even hate) the west: They colonised us and, worse, subjected Africans to the worst form of degradation and exploitation – slavery (though, of course, our chiefs were deeply complicit in this crime).

Yet, hate it as we might, the West keeps throwing stuff at us that we can’t ignore, and that forces us to think deeply about our own political societies work – or don’t.

Let us start with the small one. A few days ago US President Barack Obama visited a Washington DC school, where he and First Michelle took part in an event, filling schoolbags with toys for homeless children.

This is how the BBC reported what happened in a story entitled President Barack Obama puts brave face on schoolgirl’s Beyoncé snub”:

A Washington DC schoolgirl has prompted laughter from the US President after admitting that…

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