Saba Saba; Sawa, Sawa: the sky did not fall


As I noted, rallies will come and rallies will go.  The challenge of governmental dysfunction, propped up by tribalism, remains.  This photograph is from the day before the 2013 election at the public primary school in Nairobi’s posh Westlands neighborhood.  I suspect the scene was much the same yesterday and is much the same today.

2 thoughts on “Saba Saba; Sawa, Sawa: the sky did not fall

  1. The Zombie Media imposed a complete blackout on the CORD rally apparently as a result of Kenyan editors’ “consensus” to avoid…? The real news was the lack of news on local media!
    The doctrine of appeasement adopted in early 2012 continues to reign supreme in Kenya.

  2. Thanks, Andrew. A lot of Kenyans commented on the media blackout on Twitter–reporters were covering the events on Twitter but not in the published stories or broadcasts. The main thing in terms of the actual events that happened on Tuesday that reminded me of 2008 was the extreme focus of the Government’s security forces on Uhuru Park at the expense of protecting citizens elsewhere in the country or even in Nairobi.

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