1 thought on “Recommended: Ruto’s attacks against US envoy too orchestrated to be pure chance

  1. I have no problem with Uhuru Kenyatta becoming the presidend of Kenya if he wins. Am scared of his running-mate. I mean, how do we explain a situation where the the person who is suppose to help IDP resettled back on there land as leader, end up owning the land belonging to the IDP? its a strange coincidence, when you are suspected of playing part in the same violence that without land and properties. As the vise president of whoever becomes the president; either, Uhuru or Mudavadi, how will they implement the land policy? not forgetting what happen with the land that was meant to burry the dead in the ministry of Local government. Was the violence really about elections or something else? And if it was about elections then why can’t we resettle them so that they can vote from decent homes like other beings. When they talk about youthful leaders, are they talking about youth for Kanu 1992 rebranded? because Jirongo is also going to join them. Uhuru and Orengo should deal with the issue of IDPs immediately. They can’t continue playing politics with the lives of poor Kenyans in the camps, while they have good homes and security.

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